November 7, 2007

Crappy week or what?

Hi there,
It's only Wednesday and already I'm ready for the weekend. You see I have this neighbour, he's a senior, but a crusty old guy who keeps to himself. The only problem is that he has his paytv, or stereo, up so loud that the bass just thunders right through your head. Now annoying as that is, it wouldn't be so bad if it was during the day. But no! I have to have a neighbour that can have that going till 3 or 4am!!! Now I'm on the other side of the house - if it's loud for me, then my poor mother doesn't sleep at all.

Some kind soul called the police on him the other night (god bless them), but by the time they arrived - 2.30am - he'd already turned it off. So what did they do you ask (heh, heh...) they saw that his lights were on and they jumped over the padlocked front gate and banged on the door. Since that night, he's had it on louder than ever BUT it hasn't gone on passed midnight yet. Fingers crossed for us.

I've managed to read a few extra books so far this week (thanks to the insomniac neighbour) and I mostly enjoyed 'Deep in the Heart' by Sharon Sala. Not a paranormal I know, but a sentimental read. Every now and then I have to take a walk on the normal side. It just makes going back the weird and wonderful that much better. I've also gone back to some of my series, and rediscovered the joys of The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Dark Lover, is still my favourite. If you enjoy books by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christime Feehan, or feel like an LKH lite, then JR Ward's vampire series is for you!

I hope to get 'A Lick of Frost' this month. I asked Bookworld about it, and while I could get the hardcover at Rosemary's Romance in Brisbane ($43.95) Bookworld was going to charge me $62!! I couldn't believe it! Stuff that for a joke. I'm now just going to wait for the paperback and in the meantime, reserve it at the library.... $62 grrrrrr

On a much more somber note, we got a phone call from my aunt late last night. It wasn't with good news either. She told us that my old holiday friend, a girl that I used to play with each holidays that I spent at my aunts house, passed away recently. I couldn't believe it - I still can't believe it. She was a lovely person, fun, bubbly and had a real dry sense of humor.

See you next time.

PS - Can anyone let me know if the latest LKH "A Lick of Frost" is good? I've enjoyed the rest of the series, but I don't want it to go off course like the Anita Blake books.