March 31, 2009

Sooo Many Books, So Little Time!

I just received the new Rosemary's Romance catalogue yesterday and I've already got my next pile of reading material circled. Now if I only had a couple of hundred dollars to spare to buy it all!

The latest Kate Daniel's book is out "Magic Strikes". I love this series, and hope that Kate and Curran get a little closer this time round. The next book "Magic Mourns" isn't out till next year, but that title tells me that someones gonna carc it!

Christine Feehan has been busy with 3 books out in the next couple of months. Burning Wild is out next month, then the final book in the Drake Sister's series is out in July. "Hidden Currents" is Elle & Jackson's story, although I've been waiting for this since their connection was mentioned in the 2nd book! Another 'dark' book is then out in September (I think).

I've been into the Riley Jenson books again, as yesterday I became the proud owner of the latest book "Deadly Desire". I enjoyed it, but since Riley finally comes in contact with her significant other, and it's so disappointing for her I can't wait to see what Keri Arthur has in store for Riley.

My wishlist at Amazon is just growing out of all proportions. I've got over 200 books in my wishlist, and that's after I've culled some... but one thing that won't get culled is the new Lora Leigh Breed's book that I'll be able to get my hands on in August. "Bengal's Heart" is Cabal St. Laurents story. He's the yummy twin of Tanner Reynolds. I've been waiting for his story since reading "Tanner's Scheme" last year. The only Lora Leigh book that could top this one is Jonas Wyatt's story, which I've found out will be after Cabal's. Can't wait to see who Jonas ends up with...