June 9, 2011

Too much?

It is officially freezing!  The mercury didn't budge above 12°c today. At the moment I'm rugged up in Tracksuit pants, Jersey top, a fluffy dressing gown and under a blanket and doona! I feel like a trussed up Turkey.  I'll be making sure that my hot water bottle is ready to go tonight, and think warm thoughts.

Hey, it worked!

Well, what do you know... blogging via mobile works!  Look out world :D

Gotta be quick.  I'm freezing my butt off at the local McDonald's.  Anyway, as promised I started to make a Curran wallpaper.  I'm not too sure if this is the final design, but thought that I'd put a small pic of it up.  Let me know if you like it or not, or if you can suggest the perfect human to be Curran.

Think warm thoughts guys.  I'm outta here......

On the go

Just downloaded a blog app. Hopefully this will work. So far its force closed twice. I'm beginning to think that some of the negative comments were right!

If this does work, then it means I'll be able to blog whenever the muse strikes.  Wish me luck.

June 8, 2011

Needing a Kate Daniel's fix?

Well, look no further.  I've been feeling a tad creative lately, so I asked myself "...what wallpaper do I really, really, really want to have on my desktop?"  and as I'm waiting for my copy of Magic Slays to arrive, the answer pops into my head - Kate Daniels of course! 

So here is a 1680x1050 wallpaper I knocked up.

And before you tell me, yes, I know this isn't her usual sword.  Work with me people!

Enjoy :D

PS - am working on a Curran wallpaper now.  Will post as soon as it's ready!

June 5, 2011

Who ya gonna call?

Okay, take two.

I tried to post this entry earlier but it went into the ether.  So here it is again . . . huh hmmmm

I just got my new mobile phone yesterday.  I love it.  It's only my 2nd ever mobile, but the first connected to the internet.  My old faithful phone lasted for 11 years, but lately had been a bit dodgy, so I upgraded plans and got a new phone.  Yesterday I just explored all the apps - and couldn't resist adding kindle - but the book I was bursting to get isn't available to Australia!  I had that happen before.  They don't mind selling you paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks but not the kindle!  Heavens forbid that we would want to purchase an ebook!  Okay, over it.

So I've been adding contacts, and basically customising it to my desires. 

PS - Would add a pic, but I keep running into this stupid 'cloud picker' box when I try to upload an image.  Will add one when I can.