March 24, 2008

Rainy Day Blues

Hi all you readers out there. Today is just the perfect day to curl up in bed with a good book. Before I hit the keyboard, I was finishing off the Lynn Kurland paranormal romance (timetravel) book "When I Fall in Love". I've mentioned it in my blog before, but I found it such a sweet book that I had to just go back and read it again. And after reading it again... and again, I still find it to be one of the sweetest books.
What I do need to find though, are some of Kurland's other books in the series. I have the first one about Rhys de Piaget and Gwennolyn, and this last one with Nicholas and Jennifer McKinnon, but I would love to get my hands on Victoria and Connor's story, as well as a few others.
Now onto other things. Our local library has been wonderful in providing us paranormal readers with a lovely librarian who absolutely adores the supernatural/paranormal genre. Unfortunately, with our local council having to merge with 2 other councils (thanks alot Peter Beattie... he forced QLD from 150 something councils down to less than 80... then resigned! Mongrel) we are now no longer sure if our beloved 'Out There' bookclub will be able to continue. Fingers crossed for Jo. If anyone could persuade a council to continue this bookclub it's Jo!
I get so mad when I think about this. Now it feels as if our shires - most of which are 100 years old - are just going to be forgotten about! Now it's no longer a case of futhering the history of an individual shire, buy now forging a history of 3. It isn't a good way to go. Our 'super counil' has now gone from a shire population of about 140,000 ish, to more than 350,000! How the hell are we here, in my small little town, going to get any notice when we live on the very edge of the shire? I have the funny feeling that we here are going to end up being ignored and left behind - until the next elections perhaps? Oh well, we'll have to see what happens won't we?
Anyhow, I'll add a few more lines about something else otherwise I'll probably blow my stack (thinking about Beattie's Blunder is more than infuriating) and just let everyone out there know that I finally have managed to grow some Hyacinths! Yes, me! It isn't the right climate for them here on the coast, but I managed to get 5 of them to grow and 2 are even flowering even as I sit here and type... (they're right beside me on the window sill). They are gorgeous. The only thing better than having them here would be to have them growing in a Hyacinth Glass. Now I haven't been able to find a Hyacinth Glass, and ordering one online seems to be a no-go as most of them would have to be brought in from overseas, and knowing my luck, I'd end up with them cracking or breaking! So I'll enjoy my little wonders, and plan ahead for next season - now that I know that they'll grow!
Happy reading.