February 27, 2015

Childhood scary movie remade

OMG!  They've remade the movie that scared the pants off me as a child!  I stayed over at my older cousin's house when I was 8 or so.  Poltergeist had just come out on VHS, so she rented it.  I remember watching parts of it from behind the sofa, cushion, and my hands.  It gave me the willies for years as my childhood bedroom had a built-in closet opposite my bed, and I also had an old clown doll (that my mother had given to her years and years ago) that used to sit on the bed.  After I came home - totally freaked out by the way - I couldn't sleep in my room until I shoved an old bit of dowling through the handles of the built-in closet.... with the clown doll inside!

This will just terrify/traumatise a new generation of children.  But I have to admit, I'll most likely watch it as I love a good spooky movie - and the special effects look amazing.  Am I nuts or what?

Until next time,

February 26, 2015

All strapped up with no place to go!

I am quite sore this morning after yesterday's visit to the local physio department at the hospital.  As usual I was poked and prodded - with a million and one questions regarding how painful this or that pain was on a scale from 1 to 10 - and after a truly painful massage to loosen the tension in my left calf muscle I was all strapped up on both feet and free to go.  Walking to the car was awkward with the strapping on, but I can take it off in another day or two ;-D

Today I've taken the new look out for a test drive.  Had to get a few essentials at Woolworth's, and I've also done the first set of exercises.  Strapping pinching on the inner left ankle, but I can always adjust that, or remove that piece of tape if it gets painful - or so said the physio.  Only the laundry to be put on the line left of my chores today, then I can put my feet up and see how things go.  Fingers crossed this works.

Oh, and I know the photo's aren't the best but I took them on my cruddy phone camera.  Can't wait to get a new phone - but that's another story ;-D

Until next time, keep safe and

February 25, 2015

Early morning swim

Got an early start this morning and by 7am I was 25km from home and doing my hydrotherapy exercises.  After an hour of that I was truly knackered - that's not including the drive back home which was another 25km!  

Luckily it's a great pool.  Lovely ramp entry or wide platform step on the other side, quite warm and always a pleasure to go into when winter hits ;-D 

Unfortunately, I also have a physiotherapy session this afternoon at the hospital.  Tomorrow could be a bed day as I think I'll be too sore and tired to do anything else but rest and take it easy.  But fear not, I have a pile of books that I want to get through so I'll be set.

Take it easy, and until next time...