May 28, 2012

Lazy Dayz

Just enjoying the warm winter sun and getting a lap sit from the cat!

Cute squatter

I just finished watering my pot plants on the balcony and picked up a plastic bucket (to water my wisteria) and found a beautiful green tree-frog mooching in the bottom.  It jumped up my arm and wandered onto my shoulder, watching me fill the bucket.

So cute, I put him back onto the fern.  Fingers crossed he hangs around.

Quick update

Hi, well I've finished the last unit I was slaving over, and am now about to enroll in my second last unit!  Yes!

Reading wise, I've been devouring the Cynster sisters trilogy (although I think Ms Laurens will be writing about the Cynster's for the next 30 years!) and am enjoying it.  I think the third and final book is my favourite so far, but I'll give them another read just to make sure.

It's getting rather cold here now, and I'm considering getting another heater to warm my open lounge/dining/kitchen area.  We'll see what happens, but my tiny little 5 bar oil heater certainly isn't up to the task that's for sure.

My cat is letting my know in no uncertain terms that it is getting cold.  The last 2 nights she's wanted to get under the blankets with me - even if it's only for 10 minutes.  I know its really cold when she does that!