February 28, 2008

I spent too much!

Ok, I know that I have a book habit! Everywhere I go, a book goes with me... I can't help it. So when I went into Brisbane to pick up my special order of the Anita Blake graphic novel, I couldn't help visiting Rosemary's Romance Bookshop in Adelaide St.

You can just image how it went. I came, I saw, I caved! There were just sooo many good books there and I won't have the opportunity to visit for a long time so I gave into the little voice urging me to buy and buy big!

15 books and $250 later I left feeling bad with myself for caving, but oh so ecstatic that I finally have alot of my most wanted list in my hot little hand... that's not wrong is it?! Some of the titles they had that I couldn't resist were
• Dawn's Awakening
• Tanner's Scheme
• Darkling
• Lily Bard series books 1-4 (all autographed)
• Mine to Possess (autographed)
• Divine by Mistake (autographed)
• Night Season
• Halfway to the Grave (autographed)
• Howling at the Moon
• Whisper of Evil and
• 1 more I can't remember the name of? [how terrible is that!]
and even then I left more than a dozen books behind that were just crying out for me to take them home!

Now I have to get my new computer bundle this weekend so I can kiss goodbye to another $1000+, but I'll finally be able to blog in peace and quiet. Fingers crossed that I can talk them into a great discount this weekend.