December 4, 2007

I Have It

Okay, it's time to rejoice. I now have a copy of LKH's A Lick of Frost in my hot little hands.
I devoured it over a period of 3 hours - yes that's quick, but I just couldn't put it down.

A bookshop assistant told me that alot of the previous books hints and sugguestions would make sense in this book, and boy did they.

Merry Gentry is still coming to terms with her guards presence in her life, and her hearts decision between Frost and Doyle. We finally see the Princess confront Taranis and also have a few words with Andais. No Cel though for all those people wanting a confrontation between Merry and the crazy Prince. Hopefully he and Andais will feature more in the next book.
I enjoyed Merry's growing powers and the way she seems to be uniting faery. (Don't quote me on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up being the Queen of Everything!) There are a few shocks along the way. Taranis' actions were a huge shock - and NO I'm not telling you what happens - and what happens when Jonty and the Red Caps comes to visit is quite unexpected.
I'd recommend A Lick of Frost to everyone who enjoys a good Paranormal/Supernatural tale. It may get a little graphic (sex scenes) but then, you expect that from LKH. The story just seems to be getting better as it goes on. I for one hope that it doesn't follow Anita Blake's demise into just a pornographic novel, where the storyline fits around the sex.

I'd give it 4½ out of 5.
This week I'm reading Lover Unbound, Dark Celebration, On The Prowl, Touch of Darkness, Bloodfever and Darkfever, Magic Bites. Stay tuned for more reviews.