December 11, 2007

New Books

Hi there,

I've been reading up a storm recently. It seems that not a day goes by when I don't have my nose buried in some book or other. My newest additions to my bookshelves include Susan Sizemore's Primal Heat & Primal Desires. I've read Primal Heat and while it was a good read, an interesting story, it wasn't the most engrossing book. I haven't figured out yet whether it needs something else, or whether something needs to be taken out... hmmm.

I will be finishing the newest Sunny story, "Lucinda Darkly" this week (it's overdue and I have to finish it pronto). I absolutely adore her Monere series, and hope that Lucinda will be a window into Halycon's world - although I'd love the Demon Prince to get his own story in the future (hint, hint).

My local bookstore is currently holding my latest orders for ransom. Evil people... they know I can't get by without one new book a week. I'm awaiting my gorgeous Vishous' story in Lover Unbound, and also Karen Moning's Bloodfever. They are even keeping my Swimming without a Net! Just wait til payday...

Anyhow, I haven't really read a new book to review. One of these days I'll actually go through all my older series, and sit down and finally get my mind in gear and write some reviews.

Keep on reading,