February 7, 2008

Is the 'In Death' series sinking?

The short answer is maybe? I got my hands on the newest offering from JD Robb yesterday and spent the next few hours devouring it. I was expecting more insight into Eve and her tortured past... the nightmares, the occasional fight with Roarke, and her ever increasing heartache at being a homicide cop.

But what did I find? A cop who wasn't too emotionally involved with this case, who was more interested in nailing the villain to the wall than in actually solving the case. It was one of the least dramatic/suspenseful stories in the saga of Lt. Eve Dallas.

To be fair, it is a good read. There are some truly funny moments, especially with Eve & Peabody....

"Marriage is mostly a sucker bet"
"Spoken by the woman with Dream Husband"
"You just said Dream Husband might tak a turn down the road and decide he wants to do threesomes or ___ "
"Me! Me!" Peabody shot up a hand. "Pick me!"

In all I would recommend it to all the In Death fans. Just be aware that if you are looking for a heartwrenching Eve story... forget it!