July 28, 2009

Supernatural Fix

Well, I've been waiting for the season finale of Supernatural and it looks like it will be everything I could hope for... Sam v Dean (finally!). I suppose this is just a natural extention of my love for paranormal/urban fantasy stories, but being able to see things on TV that you can usually only picture in your mind while reading a book is a great boon.
So while I wait for the final episode of Season Four, I'll be also reading some of my new acquisitions. I've just gotten the new Chintz n China series by Yasmine Galenorn (haven't read it yet but will let you know what I think of it), and the new Nalini Singh. I did manage to get my hands on the new Lilith Saintcrow book, Strange Angels (written under Lili St. Crow) and I loved it. My review is posted on Amazon.com if you want to take a side trip :P

The other new book I've read is a Julie Kenner title called The Good Ghouls Guide to Getting Evan. It's about a very smart girl, Beth Fraiser, who gets turned into a vamp simply because the jock vampires want her to figure out the formula to making them immune to the sun's rays. Her mother doesn't notice when she doesn't come home that night, and her best friend freaks, but is cool about it... she is also the secret blogger who has the whole school jumping. Sounds like a so-so premise for a book, but it works well. Especially when Charlie (the guy who's runner up valedictorian behind Beth) turns out to be a Vampire Hunter's grandson. It's a good funny read, perfect for the bus or train. The second title Good Ghouls Do is out today!
YA books are sometimes overlooked by adults. They view them as childrens books, but actually they can be very much in the adult vein - just in a more innocent setting. If you like your books without sex and violence on every second page, but enjoy paranormal books, then maybe a YA series is just the ticket for you?
I've also made a slight departure from the world of Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. I was so bored at my local library, I haven't been able to find anything new to read there for ages. It seems that I have most of the books they get before they get them (oops!) and I tried to find a small mystery that I'd spotted on Amazon.com. It was a Death on Demand title by Carolyn Hart. Strange I know, but I picked up book 15 I think, and I really enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll read each and every title, but I will try and find the first one and see if its as good. If it starts out well, then I may just have to borrow them. I think you need to venture into some other genre every now and then, even if it's only to let you go back to you favourite books with fresh eyes. I know that if I don't take a break from it every now and then, I can't seem to find anything good to read. It all seems boring and repetative. But after a break, the same boring books actually become fabulous and I wonder how I could ever think that they were staid.