February 16, 2013

It's a Cosy Mystery Week

Went back to the coast to visit family this week and got side tracked by all the books.  Now I'd already had a bit of a book-fest over the weekend, but when I saw all the books in the cheap bins at the shopping centre, mum and I dived right in...
... and I'm oh so glad that I did.  I managed to find some books that either completed a series, or were titles I'd tried to find for years in some cases.  It's amazing how titles are OOP forever - or so it seems - and yet, there they are.  Right at the bottom of the pile.  So, thanks to my spur of the moment trip, I found the third and final book in Kathryn Lilley's A Fat City Mystery series, Makeovers Can Be Murder.  I have found all three of the books in different cheap sales over the past 3 or so years.  Now I can finally read the series as a whole - and not have to wonder at what happened in the missing book.
This time I seemed to go for mostly Cosy Mysteries (Berkley Prime Crime, etc).  I have found the paranormal romance books just aren't hitting the spot lately.  I've raided family bookshelves of older cosy's that are no longer wanted, and now have four piles of books that I really should post reviews on.  I seem to have gone from being stuck in one rut, to jumping feet first into another.  Oh well...
Right now I'm very much enjoying Gemma Halliday and her delightfully ditzy, yet headstrong, Maddie Springer in The High Heels series.  I even managed to find the first book of her Hollywood Headline Mystery series too.  Heather Webber is another great author I've stumbled across.  I bought her book Deeply, Desperately as part of last weekend's 'perfect reading' session, and found out that my old library had the first and third books in the series... yeah, me!  Finally there was a real last minute inclusion of a book that nearly got tossed back (I already had 7 books in my hands people!) and I'm so glad that I followed that last minute impulse not to chuck it.  It was Gabriella Herkert's Catnapped.  This was such a great book.  It is the first of a series and I'm heading over to put it on my wishlist after I post this. 
So, now that I've spent WAY too much money this week on books I'm off to see what else I can find online ;-D.  Hope your week was as blissfully fabulous as mine was.
Happy reading!

February 10, 2013

A perfect way to spend the day

I think I had a nearly perfect day yesterday.  After buying a few necessities (books), I came home and settled down on the couch to dive into the newest residents of my bookcase.  I had a cup of tea, a few chocolates and biscuits for nibblies, a cat by my side and a nice warm lap rug.
With the rain coming down, and not a sound to be heard from the neighbours, I was in book heaven.  It's so rare to get the right conditions to really have a great read.  My favourite time, as you have probably figured out by now, is a cool rainy day when I'm not likely to have to stop every 20 minutes because someone is talking too loud, or mowing.  When you can snuggle up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea and a nibbly, no television or music... ah, nirvana...
So, of the 9 books I picked up yesterday I managed to finish 7 yesterday.  I was up until nearly midnight but I just couldn't seem to put them down!  There were a few surprises in the bunch, and I will put up a short review on each as I go back and give them a second read as all the story lines are bleeding into one another in my head at the moment.  As for my favourite.... well, that actually happens to be the last book of the day.  It's actually one my mother has had for years, but I just never really paid attention to it.  It is Linda Howard's To Die For.  I am giving it a second read again today, and have even found the next book, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and have it sitting in my wishlist.
Hope your weekend is as book filled as mine.
Happy reading!