February 1, 2008

Silicon Heaven to Strangers in Death

OK... that's it! My computer has finally beeped its last ungrateful beep and gone to silicon heaven. I'm now left scrambling to get a nice, new, fast model, but in the meantime I'll be using both my work computer and visiting my local library.

I've read quite a few new authors lately. My favourite ones have been Jennifer Rardin and her heroine Jaz Parker, the cute 50ft gold dragon in Allyson James' Dragon Heat and I've also picked up Kat Richardson's Greywalker and Poltergeist (now in the to read pile).

Work has left me with little time to read and report back, but now that theChristmas, New Years, Australia Day rush are over there is now only Valentines Day to worry about - until Easter and then Mother's Day... it's a neverending viscious cycle.

I've put my orders into Bookworld. I should be expecting a delivery soon, and I will finally be able to get my hands on Iron Kissed, Swimming without a Net and about 6 other books. Yippee!

My local library has been a disappointment lately. Every decent book has been out over the Christmas period, and they allow 30 items to be borrowed for a period of 5 or 6 weeks. So it'll be a few more weeks until the good stuff goes back into circulation.

The latest JD Robb book has hit the stands. 'Strangers in Death' is number 26 in the series. I don't know how much longer Nora Roberts can keep the series going, but I'd love her to end it with Eve telling Roarke that she's pregant... with twins! and hopefully she'd finally have the last word. Aah well, I can dream can't I....