July 10, 2014

New books for book club?

not shown is the hot water bottle keeping my fingers warm ;-D

Too cold to stay online for long.  I'm just typing out the list for my book club meeting tomorrow, and the new list of books that I'd like to read.  There are some fabulous books coming out soon - or have come out recently - that I've had a hard time narrowing my list down!

I do have a top 10, and at the moment it looks like this:

July 7, 2014

Next project underway

Yesterday turned out to be a productive day at the sewing machine, despite the freezing cold winds.  With my mother's birthday coming up soon - and not being the most dedicated quilter - I thought it prudent to begin her quilt waaaay before it was due.  So having the goal of a double quilt in mind, about 2 weeks ago I sat down and designed a fairly simple look and set about sewing all the print patterns together in the designs I felt worked best...