July 10, 2014

New books for book club?

not shown is the hot water bottle keeping my fingers warm ;-D

Too cold to stay online for long.  I'm just typing out the list for my book club meeting tomorrow, and the new list of books that I'd like to read.  There are some fabulous books coming out soon - or have come out recently - that I've had a hard time narrowing my list down!

I do have a top 10, and at the moment it looks like this:


This month I tried to find books by authors that I hadn't read yet.  I managed to find 8 new authors! (have read Harkness and Black before). Can't wait to find out which books are chosen, but I can tell you now, that I'm planning on ordering a few ASAP regardless of whether or not they're on our reading list for July ;-D

Must dash now as my fingers feel frozen.


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