July 7, 2014

Next project underway

Yesterday turned out to be a productive day at the sewing machine, despite the freezing cold winds.  With my mother's birthday coming up soon - and not being the most dedicated quilter - I thought it prudent to begin her quilt waaaay before it was due.  So having the goal of a double quilt in mind, about 2 weeks ago I sat down and designed a fairly simple look and set about sewing all the print patterns together in the designs I felt worked best...

However, after that couple of hours at the sewing machine left me stiff and sore for the next few days.  So the rows sat, ironed and waiting, until yesterday.  I just had to get going again or I wouldn't have time to think about quilting it {I still have no clue as to whether I should d.i.y. or pay for it?}.  It took me a little while to get myself all sorted out and set up - de-clutter dining table, arrange materials, drag out ironing board and iron, set up, untangle materials - and once I was off and running I didn't realize how much time had passed until I started to get a bit hungry and discovered it was 1:30pm and I'd been sewing since nearly 9am without a break.

all seemed fine, but ...
... underneath was not!
It was not without issues though.  My new Singer Tradition jammed up when I tried to sew my lighter weight white fabric together with the print rows.  I was not a happy camper I can tell you.  I had to pull the mechanism to pieces to find out where the cotton was wedged, and thanks to my handy tweezers, pull it clear.  (I've heard that other people have been having issues with this cheap Singer, but until now it's been running like a dream!)  It had to be the combination of the two fabrics, because I tried to sew on a scrap piece of print fabric (folded in half) and it was fine?  Unfortunately, it happened twice more, so I'm going to be giving this white material a wide berth in future.

Anyhoo, after all that time sewing, ironing, sewing again, and ironing, I ended up with a simple yet colourful top of the quilt.  I still have to add rows to the sides and bottom (sections that fall over the side of the mattress), so hopefully I can have it all done by the end of the week.



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