July 5, 2014

Is it eau de toilette?

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Going through a real tea kick at the moment.  Since I've been reading, or should I say re-reading, some of the books in the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs I've felt compelled to try some of the different types of tea that Drayton and Theodosia seem obsessed with.  Feeling a tad cautious, I decided to try something simple and not too fussy, so a couple of weeks ago I bought a small box each of Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Assam teas.  That night I tried the Earl Grey ... yuck! {seriously, it tasted like mouldy flowers}.  After I took that first sip of tea the song Earl Grey by Enda Kenny popped into my mind...
         Is it perfume? Is it tea?
         Whatever it is it does nothing for me
         Should I drink it? Or dab it on?
         Can I swap it for a coffee or has all the water gone
         It is hot it is wet.
         It is eau de toilette
         Is it from the House of Lipton or Chanel?
         I only want a cup of tea not this stuff you've given me
         If you think I'm going to drink it go to
         Help me
         Someone call a doctor, call a nurse!
         Call an ambulance I'm poisoned
         And I think it's getting worse
         I only wanted a cup of tea
         But I fear that my last mouthful will be the death of me
         It is hot it is wet
         It is eau de toilette
         To my mind it is more toilette than eau
         If you want to spoil your day
         Add the oil of Earl Grey
         I'm reliably informed it's bergamot....
         What a mouthful
         Is it perfume? Is it wee?
         Whatever it's supposed to be it doesn't taste like tea
         Should I drink it or dab it on?
         Can I swap it for a coffee or has all the water gone?
         It is hot it is wet
         It is eau de toilette
         Is it Twinings? Is it Tetley? Let me see
         Go ahead make my day
         But please don't make me drink Earl Grey
         All I want is a proper cup of tea

This song summed up my feelings towards Earl Grey tea to a T ;-D

Oh, and if you're wondering, it took me till last night to dig into the teas again - and the Darjeeling and Assam were delicious!


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