December 20, 2011

Great... that's just what I needed

... not.

Frustration is at an all time high as just when I want to print out the final copy of my assignment, my printer dies about 3 pages in. It stopped and told me that I had the incorrect print head.  What the f*#$!

Print Head
 Seriously, just what are the odds of that anyway?

My Canon Pixma MP970 has been an excellent printer, and at only 4 years old I thought that the part I need might still be available.  So I called local office suppliers, and places like Dick Smiths - an electronics chain store for those not in Oz - only to be told that the part would cost around $200!  That's nearly as much as I paid for the printer brand new.  Other places told me that the "print head is the life of the printer.  Lose that and it's cheaper to replace the printer than buy a part"... OMG.

Thankfully, mum came to the rescue.  I called her about sourcing a possible replacement print head, cause she's not out in the sticks, and turns out that it is really cheaper to replace the whole thing.

So after downloading brochures online, I think Santa/Mum will be bringing me a new printer for Christmas.  A new Canon Pixma MG4160. 

Please Santa, let it last.

Salt Dough Ornaments, Part 2

Just thought I'd post a pic of my salt dough decorations.  I blogged about making them over a month ago, and they are finally on the tree.

The snowflakes came out the best I think, but they all stayed a nice off white.  Very rustic, and perfect for the basic colour scheme I was going for.  Red and white, with the only read colour coming from the multicoloured lights.  Now all I've got to do is find a fabulous tree topper.

December 19, 2011

Beautiful Xmas Tree Shadow

No, I'm not kidding.

I just turned on my Christmas tree lights for the very first time and discovered the most amazing byproduct... a trippy, hippy, psychedelic shadow that's being cast on the wall behind!

What do you think of this? Weirdly beautiful isn't it.

Damaged Book Update

You really can get good customer service from internet sellers.  The book I was grouching about last week, Five Odd Honors, was bought online from Book Depository.

I emailed them regarding the quality of the item, they wanted some pictures as proof (I was happy to oblige), and... PRESTO!.... I have a replacement copy being sent out to me.

I wasn't rude, or demanding.  I just stated my case and asked what my options were.

See, there are still some responsible vendors left online :-)

Cooking up a Gingerbread Army

Today was such a tiring day!

I'm editing the final draft of my assignment.  So after staring at the screen for an hour getting nowhere I decide to bake, hoping to relieve my stress...

Yeah, right.

I had bought a packet mix so there I was... I kneaded, and floured, and rolled and cut.  My benches looked like Frosty the Snowman had burst!  Then I had the little darlings in the oven, watching them rise.  Ah, it was all fun and frosting till I saw the washing up... oh boy

Anyhow, next year I'll use my old recipe.  These ones aren't very flavour-some.  A tiny bit of ginger, and no dark brown sugar I suspect.  Next year I'll kick butt with a dark sugar, rich and flavour packed Gingerbread.

In the meantime, I hope all your gingerbread turns out fabulously this Christmas.