March 24, 2010

Want a new author?

I've been searching for something new and interesting to read for ages now and I think I've found just the thing.  I happened to read a quick synopsis of "Die for Me" by Karen Rose a few weeks ago.  It's about a Homocide Detective who ends up working with an archaeologist on a grave site.  Since I'm a sucker for archaeology and a good mystery I tried to find it. 

I found Scream for Me instead and bought it.  It was great!  It's part of a trilogy, the Daniel Vartanian trilogy to be precise, and although Daniel is in it briefly, this story sets up the next two books (which include Daniel and his sister, Susannah).  Their family history isn't all that good... in fact it makes the Simpsons look like the Cleavers!

The next two books in the trilogy are Scream for Me and Kill for Me.  Both are really good.  Intense and have twists and turns that you really don't expect.  These books are then added onto through characters you meet in them, and their siblings.  My favourite so far is I'm Watching You, a wonderful book about Abe Reagan, a Homocide Detective, and Kristen Mayhew, ASA (lawyer), who are thrown together on a case involving Kristen and her 'humble servant'.  You follow Abe as he struggles to deal with his feelings for Kristen (he's a widower), and Kristen trying to overcome her past to grab onto this wonderul man who comes into her life.

In all, there are about 8 or 9 books now.  You can read them in whichever order you like (I started with Scream for Me- Yes, I know, it's book no. 2 - then I'm Watching You, and then on to Die for You).

Daniel Vartanian Trilogy
  • Die for Me
  • Scream for Me
  • Kill for Me
 Others (set before and after trilogy)
  • I'm Watching You
  • Nothing to Fear
  • Count to Ten
  • You Can't Hide
  • Have You Seen Her?
  • I Can See You

If your looking for a great police suspense/mystery then I'd heartily recommend these.  One word of warning though, they do have a lot of physical violence, and the bad guys have done a great deal of harm to their victims (both mental and physical.  There are rape survivors, spousal abuse survivors, etc.).  If you don't mind that, and as I wasn't informed about that it was a shock to find it.  The rapes aren't rehashed or told as part of a backstory, but it isn't hidden either what they have suffered.

So I'm giving Karen Rose's series 2 thumbs up!