July 5, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Hi out there in cyberspace...

Well, the time has come to rethink my course in life. After 3 years of great service, my boss (not the manager I work with) decided that ALL the casual staff must go! So I got 4 days notice and yesterday was my last day. Talk about having the rug pulled out from under your feet. I was so shocked that it didn't really register on the Monday. So now I have to decided in which direction I should go. Fingers crossed that finding a new job isn't going to be too hard (no laughing).

But I'm still receiving my amazon.com parcels, thank GOD I'd already paid for them and they were slowing making their way to me.

I've received and read my Lynn Kurland's. The Mage's Daughter, and Star of the Morning were both great. This series promises to be great. Think of a cross between her time travelling Scots and a lite Katie MacAlister. I'm looking forward to many more in the series.

I've also devoured the newest Christine Warren "Walk on the Wild Side", and although while great, I was a little disappointed that some of the other ususal suspects didn't make it into the storyline. I would have liked knowing what was going on with them, even if it was only a mention.

The latest Shanna Swendson was great, with a big family surprise thrown in. Hopefully this isn't the last of Katiebug and Owen. It's such a sweet series, and the ending left such a hole to fill that surely another book or 2 would be needed... hint, hint...

Then there was the great LKH scramble for Blood Noir. I waited with baited breath for this, only to find out that not only did the book take place over a few days... and some of those are not mentioned, but that it only involves a small cast, and no real JC interaction. I was looking forward to Edward being in this book, only to find out he's not. I don't know where the series is headed, but hopefully - soon - something substantial will come of it. I'll keep reading the series as long as LKH writes them, but I wish that Anita & co. would hurry up and get to the point. We have known the big showdown is looming for the last couple of books. Hurry up already!

So now, it's off to look at the jobs section of the paper (and internet). Wish me luck. Happy reading.