May 21, 2009

Wetter than a Shag!

It's my favourite kind of weather, but even I can get sick of rain. In the last 36 hours, we have had more than 400mm of rain! Our road town flooded, and the highway was cut off even if we had of been able to make it through. I have never seen rain like that in my life! The rain was coming down so hard that at times I couldn't even see the houses over the back. Can't wait for the next time though :) Fingers crossed for us here in the south-east, although the sun is shining after the rain, the Bureau of Meteorology has forcast another storm that could dump a further 300mm on us. I think I need an ark!

Thankfully, the constant heavy downfall gave me a chance to indulge in some intensive reading. I managed to get through quite a few books. I had received 'Dead and Gone' and 'Last Vampire Standing' only the day before from Amazon, so I was set. Apart from them, I also got through some of my Stephanie Plum books. I like to re-read a series before the next book comes out. I'm up to Seven Up today. Will probably be moving on to Hard Eight tonight, although I'll probably squeeze Plum Spooky in before #8.

Our local library has gotten a few of the new titles in, but I seem to prempt the librarian that orders as I have most of the books that are on the 'What's New' section in the paranormal romance newsletter. I really should cut back on the bookshops, but like I tell my mum... I don't drink or smoke, so I need a hobby.