August 7, 2009

Forum Overload!

I've just finished poking around some of the forums I've joined. Posted a few replies on LKH, but have only joined the Ilona Andrews (home of the fabulous Kate Daniels series) forum in the last 24 hours so I'll need a bit of time to settle in.

Not alot of traffic on IA, but a mass of choices on LKH. I've been trying to find little teasers for the next books in their series, but so far only IA has been forthcoming {and such a tease too!}. I read a prologue for the new Kate Daniels book, Magic Bleeds, that's due out in May 2010... I shouldn't have done that... how am I going to survive without a new Curran hit every now and then??? especially since reading the oh-so fabulously addictive prologue? I WANT MORE!!!

Thankfully, since I'm new to her site (well, not totally new - just more regular now :p) and have been diligently searching through the old blog entries to find anything about Kate 4. It took awhile, but I now have read all the new stuff. FYI I've also just totally stuffed myself because instead of calming my Kate-Curran desire, I've just made myself an addict. I'll get Curran withdrawal symptoms soon! Oh well. R U a Kate or an Anita fan? I've included 2 icons for you to choose from (above). Feel free to use them, but please give me credit for them and not steal them.

August 5, 2009

New Kate Daniels/Curran Snippets

I just finished reading some snippets on Ilona Andrews blog for the next Kate Daniels book, Magic Bleeds, that's due out next May. They were fantastic. Not long (unfortunately) but just enough to wet the tastebuds for more Curran-Kate. How can she be sooo mean, teasing us with tiny little tidbits? Now I just want to be able to dive into the book and find out what Curran did!

There is also a Curran POV scene from his first meeting with Kate at Unicorn Lane that was good too. Although he isn't instantly smitten like most shifters are when they meet their mates (most authors have them instantly in love, or in lust), but he is intrigued by her. That's as good a start as any to a relationship, isn't it.

Here's hoping that Ilona Andrews will add some more snippets (either of the new book, or from Curran's POV) and keep us in catnip for the next few months until the first chapter is posted on the website.

If you want to get your hands on the posting, just head to where you can find the snippets on her blog. But for more spoilers, head on over to her forum.