December 17, 2014

Top 5 Historical Books

It's that time again, and since I'm going to be late if I don't get this up very soon, I'll just jump right in ;-D

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

This was the first book by Austen that I'd ever read, and my old battered secondhand copy was full of the most interesting notations.  It had been used by a high school student and her thoughts in the margins were so helpful - as well as funny - as they gave me another persons thoughts on the text.  I now have multiple copies of this book, but I'll never get rid of this edition ;-D

December 15, 2014

A Yummy Treat

Dropped in to my local Big W this morning - while I was wasting some time before an appointment - and while browsing the shelves I found a great little stocking stuffer!  This brand has to be my favourite as they use all natural products (with no unpronouncable chemicals!), and they feel and smell sooo good.

I already have one of the lip balms in the range, but couldn't resist this pack since it had the cuticle cream that I've been dying to try.  The lip balms are so smooth and creamy, and the peppermint flavouring adds a pleasant tingle.  I'll have to grab another pack ($9.99) as just the lip balm is around $6.75 - and the cuticle cream is $14.99! - so it's not a bad offer.

I'm going to wait until tonight to give this product a go.  With the heat and other weather conditions - plus gardening, household chores, even washing up - contributing to rough skin on my hands I really hope this helps.  I've tried Lanolin before (love it, but too greasey to use just before bed) and since there is no oily residue I have high expectations for the cuticle cream ;-D

Fingers crossed!

Got the re-reading bug!

Darn it!  Thanks to last week's Top 5 Wednesday post on my most re-read books, I've now fallen into a re-reading mood.  I've already been through the Guild Hunters series of 7 books (8 if you count the anthology of short stories), and am currently contemplating revisiting Meg Corbyn and all those other great characters from Written in Red and Murder of Crows. 

What I should really be reading is one of the many new books that have been set aside like:
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora
  • The Goblin Emperor
  • The River of No Return
  • The Night Circus
  • The Luminaries
  • Queen of Kings
  • Gods of Gotham, or
  • any of the books off my TBR bookcase!
but NOooo!... I'm still browsing through my bookshelves looking to revisit some good times.  Perhaps I'll just load some audibooks onto my iPod?  I love to listen to audiobooks as I go to sleep.

Oh well.  Perhaps a new book will catch my fancy soon and I can start dwindling down that rather large TBR pile again.

Until next time my lovelies,

December 14, 2014

My Little Christmas Helper

Just a quick post today.  I'm in the middle of the Christmas rush, trying to get last minute presents, and get ready for the day, so I thought that I'd post a few of my favourite pics of the past week ;-D

Hope you enjoy!