January 10, 2014

First order for 2014

Posting from my phone, but I couldn't resist ordering a couple of titles.  Thankfully I had a discount voucher - I always like to have one or two in reserve for book emergencies - so it wasn't such a shock to my wallet ;-D

That means I am now eagerly awaiting the delivery of....
• Hard Magic
• The Grendel Affair
• Death on Demand
• Avenging Angels, and finally
• God Save the Queen

Finger's crossed there are no delays.  I've been itching to get these titles out of my wish list for ages, and now seemed like the perfect time.

Happy Reading!

January 7, 2014

A cool change

Finally, after what seems like a eternity, the weather has finally changed for the better.  Even though cloudy days haven't meant cooler temps over the last week, today there is a real difference in the atmosphere.  Such a relief.

To celebrate the cool change I'm going to spend the day lounging on the sofa, and reading some of my old favourites.  At the moment I'm three quarters of the way through Dark Desire (by Christine Feehan), with Dark Gold next on the pile.  It's been some time since I've read these books and I'd forgotten how much I loved them.  They were one of the reasons that I got hooked on the whole paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre.

As you can see, my copies are very well read - but much cherished!

Happy reading!

January 5, 2014

Yeah, I see clouds!

After an absolutely nightmare of a night (no pun intended) I was so happy to wake up to a cool breeze and no sun in the sky!  Yes, that's right folks - it's not going to be a scorcher today!!!!

Last night was just the worst night I've had since I moved out this way nearly 2½ years ago.  There was not one little puff of air blowing through my windows - and let me tell you, I had everything open.  That's only the 3rd time that's happened since I moved in!  So, there I was, desk fan on the side of the bed plus the ceiling fan on as well.  Even with all that, I still spritzed myself a couple of times during the night just to get a little cooler.  It was not a comfortable night I can tell you.

It's been so hot and uncomfortable lately that I haven't even been able to escape into my books for relief!  Usually I can loose myself in whatever book I'm reading for hours.  I tried on numerous occasions over the past few days, and the most I could manage was a good half and hour to an hour at the most before I just could not ignore the heat any longer.  I jokingly said to my mum the other day "you'll visit me when I move to Tasmania, or NZ, won't you?" - but after the lung sucking heat over the past 4 days I'm seriously considering a change of address I can tell you!

Though for all my whinging about the heat (I need to vent somewhere) I consider myself lucky I'm not living further west.  The western parts of QLD are suffering so much more with the heat and the drought, so really, what do I have to complain about in the scheme of things?

Happy Reading!