January 5, 2014

Yeah, I see clouds!

After an absolutely nightmare of a night (no pun intended) I was so happy to wake up to a cool breeze and no sun in the sky!  Yes, that's right folks - it's not going to be a scorcher today!!!!

Last night was just the worst night I've had since I moved out this way nearly 2½ years ago.  There was not one little puff of air blowing through my windows - and let me tell you, I had everything open.  That's only the 3rd time that's happened since I moved in!  So, there I was, desk fan on the side of the bed plus the ceiling fan on as well.  Even with all that, I still spritzed myself a couple of times during the night just to get a little cooler.  It was not a comfortable night I can tell you.

It's been so hot and uncomfortable lately that I haven't even been able to escape into my books for relief!  Usually I can loose myself in whatever book I'm reading for hours.  I tried on numerous occasions over the past few days, and the most I could manage was a good half and hour to an hour at the most before I just could not ignore the heat any longer.  I jokingly said to my mum the other day "you'll visit me when I move to Tasmania, or NZ, won't you?" - but after the lung sucking heat over the past 4 days I'm seriously considering a change of address I can tell you!

Though for all my whinging about the heat (I need to vent somewhere) I consider myself lucky I'm not living further west.  The western parts of QLD are suffering so much more with the heat and the drought, so really, what do I have to complain about in the scheme of things?

Happy Reading!

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