December 3, 2008

Up in the Air!?

Well, after more than a week of trying to sucessfully log on, I've finally gotten back into the blog. I don't know if it's the dial-up (when are we going to get broadband, huh?) or if it's just that I seem to try to access my blog during peak times...

Anyhow, I've been busy lately. That whole job hunting thing. That doesn't mean that I haven't been able to read anything. My lovely librarian put me down to receive "Mercury's Law" when it first hit their shelves. I have to return it next week - don't want too! - and I've really enjoyed it. This happens to be my favourite of the Breeds series. It has betrayal, seduction, misunderstandings and suspense. Two thumbs up!

I've also managed to get alot of the e-books online... OMG! I've had soooo much fun with this. All my favourite authors there for the downloading! I've got the complete MJD, Christine Feehan, Lora Leigh, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jacquelyn Franks, Christine Warren, and many more. While it isn't as good as being able to physically hold a book and feel the pages, it's not too damn bad either. Try it, I can guarantee you that its a hell of a lot cheaper as well!

Having said that, I ended up with an e-book copy of Swallowing Darkness (I couldn't wait the extra month for it to hit Aussie shores) and loved it. I get the feeling that this is the last in the Merry Gentry series, which is a shame because although this series revolves are sex... alot of sex... it was a wonderful story. I'll miss Merry and her men! You find out who killed Essus (I knew it!) and why, plus all the little back plots seem to be filled in nicely. It does get a tad busy in places. LKH seems to try to be tying up all her little subplots in the one story, where you probably could have made this a two book ending and really fleshed it out more. But that's my feelings on this, you may love it as is!?

Anyhow, must get back to the job hunting... yah! [says sarcastically] and find myself a new job.


October 27, 2008

Nearly Christmas!

Well, October has flown by, and I've realised how little time I have left to get everything ready for Christmas! I suppose it doesn't help that the supermarkets and shopping centres have already had their christmas goodies on display for the last 5 weeks. Thinking back to my childhood, Christmas decorations went up in December. It was magical and I used to look forward to Santa coming. Now shops start pushing merchandise in September and we're surrounded for nearly 3 months by vendors pushing this toy line, or these stocking stuffers. I feel like I've lost the Christmas spirit!

Were are all the old chrissy tv shows that used to abound during the festive season? The old Rankin Bass specials like Jack Frost? All of us still stuck watching free to air are left with stuff all to watch, let alone entertain kids with, while anything of interest goes onto pay tv. Where has the Christmas spirit gone? Obviously into someone's wallet...

Now as I get older, and contemplate having a family of my own, I wonder what the coming years will bring... will it eventually become so commercial and PC that kids will no longer be able to celebrate christmas at school without it becoming a pale, censored parody of past classes celebrations? I think that the world has become too commercial and greedy, let alone PC, for me. When kids are banned from learning about Christmas because it might offend other beliefs it's gone too far. School should be the place to learn about other cultures and religions. Teach them there is nothing to fear while they are still open to the idea and haven't been taught to hate.

Okay, I went a little off topic there. Seems like the grinch is sitting on my shoulders whispering stinky nothings in my ear!

September 24, 2008

After afternoon tea with Mr. Darcy

Wow, that was a fun afternoon! Although when I first turned up at the venue I thought that no one else had come in costume... {argh!} but thankfully 2 women a few cars up got out and voila! they were wearing Regency fashions!!

The afternoon tea & 'lecture' was held in the Abbey Museum, and had 2 display cases full of antique fans dating from the late 1700's through to the late 19th century and they were truly stunning. I would have loved to take the little 1820's fan home with me.

I ran across 2 ladies, Donna & Kerry (the same 2 who I first came across in costume) and they were part of the Australian Costumer's Guild. Their gowns were simply gorgeous! I only wish I was that petite! (they don't make patterns for more than a D cup so I had to get creative!) and I found that there were more than a few Georgian/Regency afficianadoes that had travelled up from the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Now a nice cup of tea, a scone and more than 1½ hrs later, I finally had to call it quits and head home.

If you would like to know more about the Australian Costumer's Guild, check out the website at

I'll add a picture of my costume (with me in it) next time as the wind just whipped my hair all out of shape... (I looked like I'd been dragged backwards through the hedgerow!)

September 23, 2008

Going Regency Today!

Well, today is the day of the 'Afternoon with Mr. Darcy' lecture at the Abbey Museum! I've been hanging out for this for a while now. The only hitch was that they would like everyone to come in costume... Thankfully I had everything BUT the dress. So it was a mad dash to my wonderful neighbour who also happened to be a wonderful seamstress. So between her and my mother, and over 4 days of 10hrs plus each day sewing and fitting, the dress and stay were done! {remind me that if I ever want to go through that again I'm an idiot!}

So this afternoon I get to don my best afternoon dress and meet with other Regency ladies and gentlemen. Should be great. I'll have to take some pics and post them later.

Ok, onto the books - and as you can imagine, my reading has been listing slightly into the Regency. So it was back to the fantastic Stephanie Laurens and her 2 delicious series, the Bar Cynster (about 14 books so far) and the intriguing Bastion Club (all 6 of them, with 2 to come). If you're looking for a bit of mystery and murder in your Regency romances, then do read her. As a homegrown author (a Melbournite) she is a breathe of fresh air into the genre.

Anyhow I must dash. Have to prepare for my afternoon with Mr. Darcy!

September 4, 2008

Ticked Off!

Well, it's time for me once again to fight with my internet connection to try and add something on this blog. When I first started, I was adding entries from work. But now that I'm no longer working, I'm relying on my crappy dial-up connection [sniffle, sniffle]
I can't believe that I live within an hour of a capital city, but can't get broadband or anyother kind of connection! What, doesn't the QLD Government think that people in a small town like mine actually use the net? In this day and age its just criminal that I can't access something fast and reliable. One of the reasons is that our phone lines haven't been upgraded, but I know for a fact that some of the surrounding small communities have access to broadband... but they also have council members living in them [grrrr!]
Anyhow, I've been reading one or two new titles, and have finally finished the last book in the Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow. To Hell & Back picks up about 6 months after book 4, but for some reason I found this last and very important instalment lacking. Call me crazy, but I was expecting more closure than we had. Saintcrow leaves a few threads hanging as if there was another book on the way... but honey, this was the last book! Now I have the first book in the latest series, Jill Kismet, called Night Shift. It was really good. Loved Saul Dustcircle, and am wondering how much longer he'll be hanging around - before his mum comes to town to check out her boys new mate! Should be fun...
I've just finished the latest book in the Monere series (Sunny) and loved the fact that a new guy is on the scene. Since she lost Gryphon and Amber moved away I was wondering what would happen. All the other guys love her, but they aren't a match for her personality wise. Then came Dante! Whew, they are fantastic together because here is a man that Mona Lisa can't push or order around. Dante does what he wants, when he wants it... and he's got enough power to actually order other Monere around! They have their personal issues, that whole being killed in a past life thing, but they sizzle when they are together. Look out Lord Halycon, Dante's in town! Try it, you'll love it.

August 26, 2008

More Books!

Well, I've just had the mailman in a tissy for the last couple of weeks. My orders from keep arriving... one here, two there, 4 yesterday!... woohoo!

I've been busy in the last few weeks. Not only with all the reading I've been meaning to catch up on while I was working, but then I got a headcold (not fun) and then alot of our relatives descended on us (also not fun). Things have just been chaotic lately.

The newest batch of books that arrived were fabulous! I've managed to find quite a few bargains online. Dark Celebration hardcover for $4.60! and more recently Devil May Cry hardcover for $6.49! Now in Australia they would cost me $45 plus each if I bought them new. Sometimes I wish I could live in America just to get the free postage from!

Some of the books in my now large 'just read' pile include

Devil May Cry (H/C) - Kenyon
Eryn: Lifemates Connection - Keri Arthur
Night Shift - Lilith Saintcrow
A Lick of Frost (H/C) - LKH
Turbulent Sea - Christine Feehan
Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs
Bound by Shadow - Anna Windsor <- surprising read
Night Child (1. OSI Novel) - Jess Bettis <-ok, but serious CSI meets Supernatural
Dragon Wytch - Yasmine Galenorn <- Smoky rules!
Heart of Stone (1. Negotiators) - C.E. Murphy
Mona Lisa Blossoming - Sunny
Running Wild - Sarah McCarty
Menage a Magic - Lora Leigh

and I've still got more on the way!

Soul Deep - Lora Leigh
Lucinda, Darkly - Sunny
Mona Lisa Craving - Sunny
To Hell & Back - Lilith Saintcrow <- last in the Dante Valentine series!
House of Cards - C.E. Murphy
Real Vampires Live Large
Real Vampires Have Curves
Prince of Wolves - Susan Krinard
Prince of Shadows - Susan Krinard

If anyone has read any of these, can you let me know how they were? or if you could recommend another author... I'm running out of reading material... HELP!

July 13, 2008

Last Hunter & Medieval Tournament

Ok, take two...

Stupid computer just ate the first draft of this post, so I've had to start again... grrrr. Anyway, as I was saying, Amazon delivered my latest 3 parcels during the week, and although I was thrilled beyond all measure, I was most excited about receiving the long awaited "The Iron Hunt" by Marjorie M Liu.

Unlike some, I had no problems following the back story, and although it is a little complex, it is a great premise. Image being the Last Hunter on earth, and the Veil holding the darkness back is weakening... oh yeah, bring it on!

Now although I longed to rip into this book as soon as I put my hands on it, I realised that I had better wait a while, like say until after I'd returned from the Medieval Tournament! So yesterday morning, I packed up my stuff and got my butt out to the field where they were holding the 19th Abbey Medieval Tournament. I waited there for more than an hour before I got in the gate. I was the only one in my line (VIP's, Performers/Media) while the line for tickets was out the gate! I had a great day, the weather was great, sunny and not too windy, although it was cold there at 7.30am - 6.5 degrees celcius!

Well, I spent a few hours there, spent too much money and walked my feet off. Next year the Tournament should be held in it's new permanent venue and my only hope is that it has plenty of seating!

So I got my sorry butt home yesterday, and hopped into my comfies and picked up the much anticipated book and started to read. I didn't stop until I was called for dinner, and by then I was back to flicking through the book to re-read my favourite parts (yes, I speed read).

Maxine is quite a lady, very deep and needy at times, but devoted to her 'family'. I loved the 'boys', and the mysterious Oturu - I kinda get the feeling she's going to end up with him in the future? Anyway, the book is a great read. I found the characters fun to follow, and fell in love with the Boys. If you're looking for a good urban fantasy then this is one to add to the list. Some might have problems keeping up with all the backstory and stuff, but once you get that clear, it makes reading it more enjoyable. Alot like her "Dirk & Steel" series in tone. That whole 'big bad is coming' vibe. 3½ stars from me.
I'll try to put some of my Medieval Tournament pics & video's on next time.

July 5, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Hi out there in cyberspace...

Well, the time has come to rethink my course in life. After 3 years of great service, my boss (not the manager I work with) decided that ALL the casual staff must go! So I got 4 days notice and yesterday was my last day. Talk about having the rug pulled out from under your feet. I was so shocked that it didn't really register on the Monday. So now I have to decided in which direction I should go. Fingers crossed that finding a new job isn't going to be too hard (no laughing).

But I'm still receiving my parcels, thank GOD I'd already paid for them and they were slowing making their way to me.

I've received and read my Lynn Kurland's. The Mage's Daughter, and Star of the Morning were both great. This series promises to be great. Think of a cross between her time travelling Scots and a lite Katie MacAlister. I'm looking forward to many more in the series.

I've also devoured the newest Christine Warren "Walk on the Wild Side", and although while great, I was a little disappointed that some of the other ususal suspects didn't make it into the storyline. I would have liked knowing what was going on with them, even if it was only a mention.

The latest Shanna Swendson was great, with a big family surprise thrown in. Hopefully this isn't the last of Katiebug and Owen. It's such a sweet series, and the ending left such a hole to fill that surely another book or 2 would be needed... hint, hint...

Then there was the great LKH scramble for Blood Noir. I waited with baited breath for this, only to find out that not only did the book take place over a few days... and some of those are not mentioned, but that it only involves a small cast, and no real JC interaction. I was looking forward to Edward being in this book, only to find out he's not. I don't know where the series is headed, but hopefully - soon - something substantial will come of it. I'll keep reading the series as long as LKH writes them, but I wish that Anita & co. would hurry up and get to the point. We have known the big showdown is looming for the last couple of books. Hurry up already!

So now, it's off to look at the jobs section of the paper (and internet). Wish me luck. Happy reading.

May 25, 2008

Finally back!

Hi there...

It seems that lately I have just done nothing but work and read. Work seems to be taking over most of my time. Just when I finish work for the week, then BAM! it's back again... why does time seem to go so fast? I can remember as a child the christmas school holidays (6 weeks in Australia) seemed to go so slooow. Now time just seems to wiz by making me wonder if I'll ever get to do anything!

I've read 2 more Lynn Kurland books in the MacLeod/McKinnon/de Piaget series. A Garden in the Rain and Much Ado about Moonlight. Both great reads, but I find I like the first book of hers I read the best. Although I do have the fantasy series on order at QBD. Hopefully they will come in soon.

Since I've been reading alot of paranormal books, I thought that I'd try to make something along the same lines in photoshop cs. I love photoshop. I use it at work and enjoy looking at other peoples art made on CS. But, now that I have Vista, my photoshop CS (the first one) won't even load on the computer! Stupid Vista OS....

It seems that Adobe and Vista haven't made any patches either for those of us poor mugs with CS original and now since I can't load it, and therefore can't upgrade, I have to fork out nearly $1200 just for Photoshop or $3200+ if I want the CS3 suite! That just cheeses me off no end.

So a note to all you shoppers out there who are in the market for a new system and love your CS... DON'T GET VISTA!

Ok, finished with that rant, now for something more calming.... I finished 2 of my new crochet projects this week! (Yea for me!) and am now looking for something new. I loved the look of a shawl I found while browsing the net. It's called a Rona Lace Shawl and it's available on and wouldn't you know it, it's unavailable to those outside the US! I just can't win at the moment can I? (The image above is from

Oh well, I love it alot and I'll find a relative in the US to get if for me if I have to.

So, nothing new on the book front. I'm still waiting for my order to find me. Bookworld and QBD have been strangely boring and stoggy for the past few weeks, so I'll have to see about ordering online from Bookworld.

Happy dreaming till next time.

April 30, 2008

Sorry, pardon me, excuse me

I don't know how many times I can say it, but sorry!

It's been about 4 weeks since my last post... I thought that I'd better avoid using the computer at work, and at home we live in an area that is a broadband black hole! We're only within an hour of Brisbane, but still can't get decent broadband coverage!

I've been getting alot of good books lately, and I even took the step and ordered off - yes, you heard it right. So now I'll be getting Blood Noir before alot of other Aussie's (and a hell of a lot cheaper as well).

Some of the new books I've picked up recently are:

• Kate MacInerney - Howling at the Moon (#1 in Tales of an Urban Werewolf series)

• Adrian Phoenix - A Rush of Wings

• Lynn Viehl - all the Darkyn books so far...

• Carole Nelson Douglas - Dancing with Werewolves (#1 in the Delilah Street series)

• Deborah Cooke - Kiss of Fire (#1 in new Dragonfire series)

and a few others.

I'm looking forward to the new Silver Dragons series by Katie MacAlister. They are so charming and witty. Her books are perfect for the train or bus... or even for a lunch break read! Playing with Fire is out on May 6th, and is one of the books that will be winging it's way to me from Her second book in the series already has a release date! For more info go to

Another good series with a new title is the delightful Shanna Swendson's MSI. The 4th book "Don't Hex with Texas" was out on the 28th April (not that we'll see it yet) and deals with Katie's choice to give up the delicious and dreamy Owen, after being told by Merlin... yes, that Merlin, that it would be best if she left without telling him! Sounds like another winner to me!

Rachel Vincent has another title out in the Faythe Saunder's series, "Rogue" follows the wonderful "Stray" where we are introduced to fiesty Faythe, a werecat, who is being dragged out of college to her family's farm. In the first book, they delt with the stray's that were hunting the few tabbys (female werecats) and this book follows on their search for the remaining stray that escaped them, and his boss who hired them to kidnap the tabby's to begin with.

Rachel's style is similar to Christine Feehan, so if you love the Carpathians, or the Drake Sisters, then you will enjoy this.

Ok, that's it for the moment. I'll try to post again soon.... [bloody dial-up!]

March 24, 2008

Rainy Day Blues

Hi all you readers out there. Today is just the perfect day to curl up in bed with a good book. Before I hit the keyboard, I was finishing off the Lynn Kurland paranormal romance (timetravel) book "When I Fall in Love". I've mentioned it in my blog before, but I found it such a sweet book that I had to just go back and read it again. And after reading it again... and again, I still find it to be one of the sweetest books.
What I do need to find though, are some of Kurland's other books in the series. I have the first one about Rhys de Piaget and Gwennolyn, and this last one with Nicholas and Jennifer McKinnon, but I would love to get my hands on Victoria and Connor's story, as well as a few others.
Now onto other things. Our local library has been wonderful in providing us paranormal readers with a lovely librarian who absolutely adores the supernatural/paranormal genre. Unfortunately, with our local council having to merge with 2 other councils (thanks alot Peter Beattie... he forced QLD from 150 something councils down to less than 80... then resigned! Mongrel) we are now no longer sure if our beloved 'Out There' bookclub will be able to continue. Fingers crossed for Jo. If anyone could persuade a council to continue this bookclub it's Jo!
I get so mad when I think about this. Now it feels as if our shires - most of which are 100 years old - are just going to be forgotten about! Now it's no longer a case of futhering the history of an individual shire, buy now forging a history of 3. It isn't a good way to go. Our 'super counil' has now gone from a shire population of about 140,000 ish, to more than 350,000! How the hell are we here, in my small little town, going to get any notice when we live on the very edge of the shire? I have the funny feeling that we here are going to end up being ignored and left behind - until the next elections perhaps? Oh well, we'll have to see what happens won't we?
Anyhow, I'll add a few more lines about something else otherwise I'll probably blow my stack (thinking about Beattie's Blunder is more than infuriating) and just let everyone out there know that I finally have managed to grow some Hyacinths! Yes, me! It isn't the right climate for them here on the coast, but I managed to get 5 of them to grow and 2 are even flowering even as I sit here and type... (they're right beside me on the window sill). They are gorgeous. The only thing better than having them here would be to have them growing in a Hyacinth Glass. Now I haven't been able to find a Hyacinth Glass, and ordering one online seems to be a no-go as most of them would have to be brought in from overseas, and knowing my luck, I'd end up with them cracking or breaking! So I'll enjoy my little wonders, and plan ahead for next season - now that I know that they'll grow!
Happy reading.

March 13, 2008

Wired for Sound... Finally!

Hey there gals & pals,
I'm finally up and running with my NEW desktop & accessories. Although putting it together didn't come without sacrifice... I bruised my finger pretty badly while bringing one of the numerous - and heavy - boxes inside. Stupid I know, but what can I say, I can't do anything without a little drama :)
Anyhow, at the moment I'm getting all my stuff set up. Next step will be to start putting some of the reviews up. I've been bad lately, as you know, and have bought a whole passel of books. Not that I have anywhere to put them all, but I will start with my latest and work backwards.
Big hugs to Jo, thanks for the latest newsletter from the Out There bookclub (contact me for details if you're interested).
Well, I'll leave you here. I hope you're all feelin as happy as I am (now that I have a great big harddrive to work with!).
Happy reading.

February 28, 2008

I spent too much!

Ok, I know that I have a book habit! Everywhere I go, a book goes with me... I can't help it. So when I went into Brisbane to pick up my special order of the Anita Blake graphic novel, I couldn't help visiting Rosemary's Romance Bookshop in Adelaide St.

You can just image how it went. I came, I saw, I caved! There were just sooo many good books there and I won't have the opportunity to visit for a long time so I gave into the little voice urging me to buy and buy big!

15 books and $250 later I left feeling bad with myself for caving, but oh so ecstatic that I finally have alot of my most wanted list in my hot little hand... that's not wrong is it?! Some of the titles they had that I couldn't resist were
• Dawn's Awakening
• Tanner's Scheme
• Darkling
• Lily Bard series books 1-4 (all autographed)
• Mine to Possess (autographed)
• Divine by Mistake (autographed)
• Night Season
• Halfway to the Grave (autographed)
• Howling at the Moon
• Whisper of Evil and
• 1 more I can't remember the name of? [how terrible is that!]
and even then I left more than a dozen books behind that were just crying out for me to take them home!

Now I have to get my new computer bundle this weekend so I can kiss goodbye to another $1000+, but I'll finally be able to blog in peace and quiet. Fingers crossed that I can talk them into a great discount this weekend.


February 7, 2008

Is the 'In Death' series sinking?

The short answer is maybe? I got my hands on the newest offering from JD Robb yesterday and spent the next few hours devouring it. I was expecting more insight into Eve and her tortured past... the nightmares, the occasional fight with Roarke, and her ever increasing heartache at being a homicide cop.

But what did I find? A cop who wasn't too emotionally involved with this case, who was more interested in nailing the villain to the wall than in actually solving the case. It was one of the least dramatic/suspenseful stories in the saga of Lt. Eve Dallas.

To be fair, it is a good read. There are some truly funny moments, especially with Eve & Peabody....

"Marriage is mostly a sucker bet"
"Spoken by the woman with Dream Husband"
"You just said Dream Husband might tak a turn down the road and decide he wants to do threesomes or ___ "
"Me! Me!" Peabody shot up a hand. "Pick me!"

In all I would recommend it to all the In Death fans. Just be aware that if you are looking for a heartwrenching Eve story... forget it!

February 1, 2008

Silicon Heaven to Strangers in Death

OK... that's it! My computer has finally beeped its last ungrateful beep and gone to silicon heaven. I'm now left scrambling to get a nice, new, fast model, but in the meantime I'll be using both my work computer and visiting my local library.

I've read quite a few new authors lately. My favourite ones have been Jennifer Rardin and her heroine Jaz Parker, the cute 50ft gold dragon in Allyson James' Dragon Heat and I've also picked up Kat Richardson's Greywalker and Poltergeist (now in the to read pile).

Work has left me with little time to read and report back, but now that theChristmas, New Years, Australia Day rush are over there is now only Valentines Day to worry about - until Easter and then Mother's Day... it's a neverending viscious cycle.

I've put my orders into Bookworld. I should be expecting a delivery soon, and I will finally be able to get my hands on Iron Kissed, Swimming without a Net and about 6 other books. Yippee!

My local library has been a disappointment lately. Every decent book has been out over the Christmas period, and they allow 30 items to be borrowed for a period of 5 or 6 weeks. So it'll be a few more weeks until the good stuff goes back into circulation.

The latest JD Robb book has hit the stands. 'Strangers in Death' is number 26 in the series. I don't know how much longer Nora Roberts can keep the series going, but I'd love her to end it with Eve telling Roarke that she's pregant... with twins! and hopefully she'd finally have the last word. Aah well, I can dream can't I....

January 10, 2008

Back in Time

Hi there everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year! I've had a mini-holiday so have been able to read to my hearts content (it also didn't hurt that the weather has been so bad that they thought a cyclone would form not too far from here). So instead of reading my paranormal books, I found myself going back in time... to the Regency darling.

I'm back on the Cynsters and Bastion Club series (Stephanie Laurens... wonderful series, and quite addictive) and for those who haven't read them yet, the Bastion Club series starts about 2 years before the Cynsters, and some of the Cynsters show up in them!

There are a few books left in each of the series, but I can't wait for Dalziel's story (read the Bastion Club books... he's quite a mystery) and Stephanie Laurens has said that we will get his story shortly.

I'm waiting for the newest books in the series to come out in mass market size - I avoid buying trade if I can help it - and in the meantime, I think I'm going to have to get a new bookshelf built to hold all my books. I'll try and tidy up a bit and take a pic just so you can see how cramped I'm getting.

Anyhow, better dash (I'm at work at the moment). I may only update this site in the next 2 or 3 weeks (I've got the crochet bug, so reading is falling along the wayside).