A self-confessed book tart, I have been collecting books since childhood - and I still have my first ever book!  It is an old beat up copy of CORKY by Patricia Scarry (Golden Books #486).

I recently lost my old cat Titchy (she was over 18 years of age), and now I only have 2 furry flatmates, Evie Nyx, and Phrynekinns, who pop up now and then in posts.

Would love to live in a period cottage with a big wood fireplace.  However, I am soon to be moving into my first HOME!  Which includes enough space to have a library.

Have a home, and balcony, full of plants.  Love flowers - especially old fashioned roses 🌹 that smell like roses! - and strangely enough... ferns ;-D

Love to take photographs.

Have recently discovered quilting!

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