August 10, 2009

Not much done... feeling sick :(

I've been back to QBD recently to find out how my orders were going. Some of them should have been in more than 2 weeks ago, but I've now learnt that alot of the titles are OOS (until September for God sakes! What the *%@$?) or the release date has been pushed back. I swear, Australian publishers really need to pull their fingers out. By the time they release a title - mostly with a crappy cover - I could have ordered it from for less (including p&h and exchange rate) and had it in my hands for more than 2 months!!! I still can't get over how the powers that be can have the nerve to charge me $21.99 for a book that I could order online for $7.99US. It's about time something was done about it. Either that or nearly all my literary shopping will be done online & overseas. It's either that or move over to the US... now that I think about it :)

Anyhow, I'm still stuck on my urban fantasy kick at the moment. I've been inundated with witches and shifters. Usually when they describe an 'alpha', an image just doesn't jump out at me anymore. I've read so many shifter books that there is only a limited vocabulary to describe how protective/loyal/hot/dominating/alpha a guy is... that is until I found some of the pics on Gena Showalter's blog. OMG!, the guys she has on that site can be just sizzling... hello, Alpha! :) If I was writing about any kind of shifter and I wanted to base it one someone, well, look no further. This is the site I'd hit to find a muse. What can I say, I'm practically drooling on my keyboard as I type this.
Now although I've been re-reading some of my favourite books recently, things have been slow. I'm coming down with a sore throat {popping another soother} and I just haven't felt like reading for days. Now I know there's something wrong with me. Last night I finished Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis. It's actually the first urban fantasy/paranormal romance that I've read where the main female character is openly bisexual. It fit into the storyline seemlessly and it wasn't made into a big deal - by either the author or the characters. It didn't repulse me, or turn me off a good story. Usually it's a minor character and it's only added for the shock value, I think, but this was well done.

Anyway, wish me luck. I'm off to get a cup of tea and a sandwich