May 25, 2008

Finally back!

Hi there...

It seems that lately I have just done nothing but work and read. Work seems to be taking over most of my time. Just when I finish work for the week, then BAM! it's back again... why does time seem to go so fast? I can remember as a child the christmas school holidays (6 weeks in Australia) seemed to go so slooow. Now time just seems to wiz by making me wonder if I'll ever get to do anything!

I've read 2 more Lynn Kurland books in the MacLeod/McKinnon/de Piaget series. A Garden in the Rain and Much Ado about Moonlight. Both great reads, but I find I like the first book of hers I read the best. Although I do have the fantasy series on order at QBD. Hopefully they will come in soon.

Since I've been reading alot of paranormal books, I thought that I'd try to make something along the same lines in photoshop cs. I love photoshop. I use it at work and enjoy looking at other peoples art made on CS. But, now that I have Vista, my photoshop CS (the first one) won't even load on the computer! Stupid Vista OS....

It seems that Adobe and Vista haven't made any patches either for those of us poor mugs with CS original and now since I can't load it, and therefore can't upgrade, I have to fork out nearly $1200 just for Photoshop or $3200+ if I want the CS3 suite! That just cheeses me off no end.

So a note to all you shoppers out there who are in the market for a new system and love your CS... DON'T GET VISTA!

Ok, finished with that rant, now for something more calming.... I finished 2 of my new crochet projects this week! (Yea for me!) and am now looking for something new. I loved the look of a shawl I found while browsing the net. It's called a Rona Lace Shawl and it's available on and wouldn't you know it, it's unavailable to those outside the US! I just can't win at the moment can I? (The image above is from

Oh well, I love it alot and I'll find a relative in the US to get if for me if I have to.

So, nothing new on the book front. I'm still waiting for my order to find me. Bookworld and QBD have been strangely boring and stoggy for the past few weeks, so I'll have to see about ordering online from Bookworld.

Happy dreaming till next time.