March 13, 2008

Wired for Sound... Finally!

Hey there gals & pals,
I'm finally up and running with my NEW desktop & accessories. Although putting it together didn't come without sacrifice... I bruised my finger pretty badly while bringing one of the numerous - and heavy - boxes inside. Stupid I know, but what can I say, I can't do anything without a little drama :)
Anyhow, at the moment I'm getting all my stuff set up. Next step will be to start putting some of the reviews up. I've been bad lately, as you know, and have bought a whole passel of books. Not that I have anywhere to put them all, but I will start with my latest and work backwards.
Big hugs to Jo, thanks for the latest newsletter from the Out There bookclub (contact me for details if you're interested).
Well, I'll leave you here. I hope you're all feelin as happy as I am (now that I have a great big harddrive to work with!).
Happy reading.