September 4, 2008

Ticked Off!

Well, it's time for me once again to fight with my internet connection to try and add something on this blog. When I first started, I was adding entries from work. But now that I'm no longer working, I'm relying on my crappy dial-up connection [sniffle, sniffle]
I can't believe that I live within an hour of a capital city, but can't get broadband or anyother kind of connection! What, doesn't the QLD Government think that people in a small town like mine actually use the net? In this day and age its just criminal that I can't access something fast and reliable. One of the reasons is that our phone lines haven't been upgraded, but I know for a fact that some of the surrounding small communities have access to broadband... but they also have council members living in them [grrrr!]
Anyhow, I've been reading one or two new titles, and have finally finished the last book in the Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow. To Hell & Back picks up about 6 months after book 4, but for some reason I found this last and very important instalment lacking. Call me crazy, but I was expecting more closure than we had. Saintcrow leaves a few threads hanging as if there was another book on the way... but honey, this was the last book! Now I have the first book in the latest series, Jill Kismet, called Night Shift. It was really good. Loved Saul Dustcircle, and am wondering how much longer he'll be hanging around - before his mum comes to town to check out her boys new mate! Should be fun...
I've just finished the latest book in the Monere series (Sunny) and loved the fact that a new guy is on the scene. Since she lost Gryphon and Amber moved away I was wondering what would happen. All the other guys love her, but they aren't a match for her personality wise. Then came Dante! Whew, they are fantastic together because here is a man that Mona Lisa can't push or order around. Dante does what he wants, when he wants it... and he's got enough power to actually order other Monere around! They have their personal issues, that whole being killed in a past life thing, but they sizzle when they are together. Look out Lord Halycon, Dante's in town! Try it, you'll love it.