May 4, 2014

Early Winter and craft

Winter has arrived early this year, and with the cold snap - winds straight off the Antarctic! - I've started nesting on the couch with my traditional winter crafts being pulled out of the mothballs ;-D  On Friday I started searching through my quilting projects for something small that could be hand made in front of the TV (Once Upon a Time Seasons 1 & 2), as well as leftover knitting or crochet from last year.   Since I couldn't help but buy some more quilting fabric I'll have a lot of projects to choose from, but I'm leaning more towards doing some quilt-as-you-go charm squares.  My green knitted jumper still isn't finished so I think that will go in the 'must do' pile as well.  I still have to dig out my chair-side storage basket so everything is within easy reach and then I can keep myself occupied through the cold winter months.  All I need to do now is raid my TBR pile for some good books and it'll be perfect!