May 4, 2014

Early Winter and craft

Winter has arrived early this year, and with the cold snap - winds straight off the Antarctic! - I've started nesting on the couch with my traditional winter crafts being pulled out of the mothballs ;-D  On Friday I started searching through my quilting projects for something small that could be hand made in front of the TV (Once Upon a Time Seasons 1 & 2), as well as leftover knitting or crochet from last year.   Since I couldn't help but buy some more quilting fabric I'll have a lot of projects to choose from, but I'm leaning more towards doing some quilt-as-you-go charm squares.  My green knitted jumper still isn't finished so I think that will go in the 'must do' pile as well.  I still have to dig out my chair-side storage basket so everything is within easy reach and then I can keep myself occupied through the cold winter months.  All I need to do now is raid my TBR pile for some good books and it'll be perfect!

Side note grouch...I do feel a tad ripped off during this whole winter season.  My town gets down to -5°c during winter, with breath stealing cold winds, and yet no snow!  All the discomfort and frozen fingers with none of the fun snow activities!

Okay, back to books.  I raided my local charity shop on Friday and discovered that someone must have donated a whole lot of paranormal romance/mystery books as I just kept pulling them off the shelves!  Can't imagine why someone would want to get rid of their books?  But it was my lucky day as they were newer releases that I can now cross off my Amazon and Book Depository wishlists.  One of the few cosy mysteries that I did find was the first book in the Mary Ellen Hughes 'A Craft Corner Mystery' series.  She has only released three books in the series so far, and I already had book three, now I have book one too!  Wreath of Deception was fun, plus I always like to have the first book in a series.  Things just make more sense.  I'll post a quick review soon.  Probably not for a few more days as I have to buy a replacement battery for my laptop - not something I'm looking forward too as I can almost guarantee that I'll be without internet for a few days until I head back over to the coast as local electrical shops won't have the exact battery that I need.  Seems to happen to me every time something goes pear-shaped here.

So, with my fingers freezing as I type this, I'll say goodbye for now and grab a hot cup of tea and hope that my fingers thaw out soon.  Until next time, 

Happy reading everyone!

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