April 16, 2011

What happened to the weather?

Yesterday was a perfectly crisp Autumn day.  Today?  Back to rain!  Come on. . .

So today I'm sitting in front of the computer, studying as well as playing around with my blogs.  All I'm really thinking about is being able to get back to my room and cosying up on the bed with my blanket, a cup of tea, a good book and some chocolate -  okay, no chocolate since cutting back was my new years resolution,  but you know what I mean.

At the moment I'm re-reading my Stephanie Laurens books.  I've started off with the Bastion Club since this is the only series that she has completed.  I'm up to the fourth book, A Fine Passion, Jack and Clarice's story.  Sometimes I have to make myself read all the books in a series, not just my favourites. 

You can tell which ones I like by the spines :)

April 15, 2011

Weird spider

This has to be the weirdest spider that I have ever seen.  She has built a nest in the petal of my rose bush.  Her green colouring meant that I nearly touched her when I went to wipe what I thought was a catapillers silk off the leaf.  It gave me one heck of a shock I can tell you.

I called out to my aunt, who is an ex-Pest Inspector, to find out if she recognised it.  All she could tell me was that it was a garden spider of some variety.  It's like nothing we've ever had here.  She is a pretty apple green colour with black dots on her thorax similar to a ladybeetle.  On her butt on either side of her spinners are 2 black dots that look like eyes.  Do you recognise what kind of spider she is?  If so I'd love to find out.

April 13, 2011

How Cute!

Australia Zoo,on the Sunshine Coast has welcomed a baby white Rhino calf in the wee hours of this morning.  The newborn - who weighs in at more than 60kg (ouch!) - was born at 3.15am to mother Caballe.  This is her 4th calf, but the first born to the zoo.  Incidentally, Caballe is originally from Hamilton Zoo, NZ.  I've been watching 'The Zoo' on Gem that shows a behind the scenes look at the Hamilton and Auckland Zoo's.  Don't remember seeing her yet, but maybe in future eps.

The SMH has posted an online article with some photos of the new bub here.

April 12, 2011

ANZAC Day approaches

It's that time of the year again.  We received our first ANZAC Day flyer in the mail today.  I tend to get all emotional over ANZAC Day.  It celebrates those that made the ultimate sacrifice in aide of their country.  My grandfather lost two of his uncles - one in Egypt, and one on the Somme.  Although he never spoke much about them, you could tell that his memories of the war were still very much vivid.

Each year our little town has a ceremony around the memorial in the local park.  For a community who seems to be loosing it's community spirit, I am amazed that each year more and more locals seem to be attending the ceremony.

Last year we grew some beautiful poppies (below) and even put some on the shrine.  Hopefully they'll be just as good this year.

I found a 'Making Poppies' PDF from the Australian War Memorial for kids and thought that I'd put it up here.

It seems that nearly 100 years later, nothing much has changed.  People still die in the name of their country.  You would have thought we'd have evolved a little bit beyond that, wouldn't you?

April 11, 2011

Sunny days

Finally, a sunny day!

After what feels like forever the sun has finally peaked out from behind the clouds to grace us with a truly spectacular autumn day.  All that it needs to top it off would be some autumn leaves falling - but it doesn't get cold enough for that here.

There are two liquid ambers in the park down the street and the poor things only start to loose their leaves when it hits winter here (down to about 5°c / 41°f at night).  At the moment its in the high teens at night, but still chilly enough to put on a heavier bedspread.

Have to get a few plants repotted today (poor ferns) and lightly prune the roses in pots as a certain creepy crawlie has decided to take up residence somewhere amongst the leaves.

So, I'll finish downloading study materials, have lunch and then enjoy the sun while it lasts.

April 10, 2011

Misplaced photo's

I recently found a number of digital photo's that I'd taken ages ago (and forgotten about . . . oops!).

Seeking go hide, go hiding go seeking.
I'm seeking for you, your hiding from me.
Beautiful Day Lily in back yard
Cutest little bee
St. Andrews Cross spider catching her dinner