April 12, 2011

ANZAC Day approaches

It's that time of the year again.  We received our first ANZAC Day flyer in the mail today.  I tend to get all emotional over ANZAC Day.  It celebrates those that made the ultimate sacrifice in aide of their country.  My grandfather lost two of his uncles - one in Egypt, and one on the Somme.  Although he never spoke much about them, you could tell that his memories of the war were still very much vivid.

Each year our little town has a ceremony around the memorial in the local park.  For a community who seems to be loosing it's community spirit, I am amazed that each year more and more locals seem to be attending the ceremony.

Last year we grew some beautiful poppies (below) and even put some on the shrine.  Hopefully they'll be just as good this year.

I found a 'Making Poppies' PDF from the Australian War Memorial for kids and thought that I'd put it up here.

It seems that nearly 100 years later, nothing much has changed.  People still die in the name of their country.  You would have thought we'd have evolved a little bit beyond that, wouldn't you?

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