April 11, 2011

Sunny days

Finally, a sunny day!

After what feels like forever the sun has finally peaked out from behind the clouds to grace us with a truly spectacular autumn day.  All that it needs to top it off would be some autumn leaves falling - but it doesn't get cold enough for that here.

There are two liquid ambers in the park down the street and the poor things only start to loose their leaves when it hits winter here (down to about 5°c / 41°f at night).  At the moment its in the high teens at night, but still chilly enough to put on a heavier bedspread.

Have to get a few plants repotted today (poor ferns) and lightly prune the roses in pots as a certain creepy crawlie has decided to take up residence somewhere amongst the leaves.

So, I'll finish downloading study materials, have lunch and then enjoy the sun while it lasts.

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