July 18, 2009

Too Many Books!

Back again after a break. I was in a mad state when I had to finish my assignments for my course. I nearly cried when I saw how much I had to do. So everything else that wasn't essential got put on the backburner. That included reading... OMG!

I've now started some more units, but these aren't as intense as the first ones, so I do have a little bit more leisure time. There are so many good books coming out over the next few weeks. I've already got my name down for book 3 in the Jill Kismet series, Redemption Alley, and book 4 should be available at the end of September (Flesh Circus). I should receive my copy of Hidden Currents soon, plus the latest Nalini Singh book in the Psy-Changeling series. I've also got Lora Leigh's latest book, Bengal's Heart in my cart ready to go at Amazon. Unfortunately, there are so many titles to choose from, and I'm a bit strapped with paying for my education that I have to whittle my selections down the the must haves, and not the 'but I want it's'.

I have finished reading the latest Stephanie Plum books, and enjoyed them both. You have to be in the right mood for Stephanie. I still love Lula, and I hope that Janet Evanovich will put more Ranger/Morelli angst in there. Just who will SP end up with? I loved the latest book in Christine Feehan's "Leopard-People" series, and although Burning Wild took many, many, many years to come out, it was well worth the wait. I loved the fact that it wasn't just Emma & Jake, but that old favourites like Connor and Drake were in there too. I hope that Drake is the next Leopard to find a mate. Hopefully the surgery goes well and he can shift in the future.

Amazingly, after all the hype, I was quite disappointed with this last Anita Blake story, "Skin Trade". I was looking forward to it, and had pre-ordered from Amazon. It arrived all nice and shiny, and I got a hot drink, a few chocolate nibblies and dove into it. But again, like Blood Noir, I was disappointed that there was no Jean-Claude or Micah. Anita spent 99.9% of the story in another state, and there was hardly any interaction with those left behind. I hope she gets this travelling Anita kick out of her system soon. I loved Edward, and his being there was one of the only saving graces. SPOILER ..... I hated that the defeat of the MoAD was over so soon, and that another archrival was dealt with in the manner that he was. He was the MoAD's enemy, yet Anita seemed to vanquish him with less difficulty that it should have taken. I've faithfully followed the series for over 10 years now, and I've skimmed over the blatantly sexual scenes that I don't feel further the storyline, but this book seemed to hit new lows in that arena. When I think back to the prudish Anita that we were first introduced to and see where she's going today... her mother would be rolling over in her grave if she could see her now.... (maybe she is? who knows). I'll give next years novel a go, but after 17 books, I may have to think hard about forking out my money for them and just borrow them from my local library.

Now that winter is upon me, I can indulge in one of my favourite yearly rituals... the annual snuggle-in-the-doona-all-day-and-read weekend. One the coldest winter days, I like to cater to my little whims in this way. It makes for great reading. This time round I chose some of my favourites to keep my (and my cat) company. I started last night with Krentz's Arcane Society books, Running Hot and Sizzle and Burn, and will start White Lies this afternoon. Followed by some of the Anita Blake books, and with a little Lora Leigh, Nalini Singh and Yasmine Galenorn thrown in. Lastly, I'll add my Lily Bard books, and other miscellaneous mysteries that I have.

Keep your eyes out for the new Chicagoland Vampire series, it's really good, and also the Ilona Andrews Kate Daniel's series (short story in the anthology "Must Love Hellhounds"). Too many books to mention here today, but I'll try and get through some more and let you know what's coming out soon.

PS - for those of you in Australia who read this, don't try getting the books on Fishpond.com.au. I have noticed that the prices for items have jumped by $5 dollars, and on some items like Angela Knight's Time Hunter series, the price rose by $10! for a small massmarket paperback!

Better off going through QBD (still $12.95), or amazon.com