October 27, 2008

Nearly Christmas!

Well, October has flown by, and I've realised how little time I have left to get everything ready for Christmas! I suppose it doesn't help that the supermarkets and shopping centres have already had their christmas goodies on display for the last 5 weeks. Thinking back to my childhood, Christmas decorations went up in December. It was magical and I used to look forward to Santa coming. Now shops start pushing merchandise in September and we're surrounded for nearly 3 months by vendors pushing this toy line, or these stocking stuffers. I feel like I've lost the Christmas spirit!

Were are all the old chrissy tv shows that used to abound during the festive season? The old Rankin Bass specials like Jack Frost? All of us still stuck watching free to air are left with stuff all to watch, let alone entertain kids with, while anything of interest goes onto pay tv. Where has the Christmas spirit gone? Obviously into someone's wallet...

Now as I get older, and contemplate having a family of my own, I wonder what the coming years will bring... will it eventually become so commercial and PC that kids will no longer be able to celebrate christmas at school without it becoming a pale, censored parody of past classes celebrations? I think that the world has become too commercial and greedy, let alone PC, for me. When kids are banned from learning about Christmas because it might offend other beliefs it's gone too far. School should be the place to learn about other cultures and religions. Teach them there is nothing to fear while they are still open to the idea and haven't been taught to hate.

Okay, I went a little off topic there. Seems like the grinch is sitting on my shoulders whispering stinky nothings in my ear!