April 13, 2009


Okay, in the latest money making scheme, the Local Council's in South-East Queensland are now introducing a cat registration system as of July 1st, 2009. I was shocked when I opened the Sunday Mail (12/04/09) and read that not only will our cats have to be registered, but they will cost the same amounts as a dog... but what do us cat owners get for our money? We won't have any of the services [cough, cough] that the council provides for dog owners. I doubt we'll get cat exercise areas. Will they subsidise the cost of building cat enclosures? What happens if you already keep your cats inside, and have provided them with an outside enclosure? There is nothing that the Council's have put forward that seems to justify the price they're asking.

It's not like cats should be registered in case of an attack... how many people have been mauled by the pet moggy while illegally entering a property? What will it cost those of us who are already responsible cat owners who have more than 1 cat? Will they try to regulate how many we can have in our own homes? When is enough enough. What will the government want to regulate next... how many goldfish you can have in a bowl? Shame on you.