July 25, 2016

From beneath the sea they came

On Friday I picked up this interesting book, The Blood in the Beginning by Kim Falconer, and on Sunday night I devoured it in one sitting!

The storyline was interesting, fast paced and action packed.  Characters were fleshed out enough that they weren't wooden and one dimensional, and the author's twist on a mer-people species was refreshingly different from the usual syereotypes.  These guys, and gals, are tough as nails, brutal, and as cold as the sea.  Good times ahead for this series I feel.

If you can find a copy I'd recommend giving the Ava Sykes series a go!

Until next time,

July 24, 2016

Going back to Mistborn

It looks like history has repeated itself with the second set of Mistborn books.  Yes, I once again devoured the three books over three days - a Friday to Sunday marathon (just like last time).  Thankfully this time round, I wasn't left feeling completely betrayed and devastated by the deaths of the main characters, and I was surprised- and delighted - to see certain characters making a reappearance.

As you can see, once I finished Shadows of Self I made myself a little nest, surrounded by all the items I might need, so I could bunker in and get stuck into The Bands of Mourning - and it worked!  Finished it in about 4 hours 😸

Enjoyed the final book immensely, but the ending was left unfinished... okay, a little odd - until I read the postscript and discovered that there will be a fourth book, The Last Metal (due in 2018!).  What the...?!  I was so close to finishing, and yet it's still so far away.

So, like everyone else who is up to date with Wax & Wayne, I'm left pondering their fate until  I can get my hands on the next book.

Until next time,