July 24, 2016

Going back to Mistborn

It looks like history has repeated itself with the second set of Mistborn books.  Yes, I once again devoured the three books over three days - a Friday to Sunday marathon (just like last time).  Thankfully this time round, I wasn't left feeling completely betrayed and devastated by the deaths of the main characters, and I was surprised- and delighted - to see certain characters making a reappearance.

As you can see, once I finished Shadows of Self I made myself a little nest, surrounded by all the items I might need, so I could bunker in and get stuck into The Bands of Mourning - and it worked!  Finished it in about 4 hours 😸

Enjoyed the final book immensely, but the ending was left unfinished... okay, a little odd - until I read the postscript and discovered that there will be a fourth book, The Last Metal (due in 2018!).  What the...?!  I was so close to finishing, and yet it's still so far away.

So, like everyone else who is up to date with Wax & Wayne, I'm left pondering their fate until  I can get my hands on the next book.

Until next time,

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