July 22, 2016

Back to Mistborn

Loved the newspaper sections that popped up now and then ;-D

After almost 10 months I finally found myself heading back to the mists, only this time with Waxillium Ladrian, as he hangs up his six shooters for good.

Binge read this in two sessions, and after about 4 hours I was done with The Alloy of Law, and grabbing my copy of Shadows of Self so I could continue on this journey with Wax.

Loved the interactions between not only Wax and Wayne, but their reactions to the intelligent Marasi, the illegitimate sister of Wax's aristocratic, snobby, and very bossy fiancé!

Am hoping as I read these books that Wax ends up with Marasi, but you just never know what Brandon Sanderson intends (think end of Hero of Ages!).

The Alloy of Law: 4 stars

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