August 26, 2008

More Books!

Well, I've just had the mailman in a tissy for the last couple of weeks. My orders from keep arriving... one here, two there, 4 yesterday!... woohoo!

I've been busy in the last few weeks. Not only with all the reading I've been meaning to catch up on while I was working, but then I got a headcold (not fun) and then alot of our relatives descended on us (also not fun). Things have just been chaotic lately.

The newest batch of books that arrived were fabulous! I've managed to find quite a few bargains online. Dark Celebration hardcover for $4.60! and more recently Devil May Cry hardcover for $6.49! Now in Australia they would cost me $45 plus each if I bought them new. Sometimes I wish I could live in America just to get the free postage from!

Some of the books in my now large 'just read' pile include

Devil May Cry (H/C) - Kenyon
Eryn: Lifemates Connection - Keri Arthur
Night Shift - Lilith Saintcrow
A Lick of Frost (H/C) - LKH
Turbulent Sea - Christine Feehan
Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs
Bound by Shadow - Anna Windsor <- surprising read
Night Child (1. OSI Novel) - Jess Bettis <-ok, but serious CSI meets Supernatural
Dragon Wytch - Yasmine Galenorn <- Smoky rules!
Heart of Stone (1. Negotiators) - C.E. Murphy
Mona Lisa Blossoming - Sunny
Running Wild - Sarah McCarty
Menage a Magic - Lora Leigh

and I've still got more on the way!

Soul Deep - Lora Leigh
Lucinda, Darkly - Sunny
Mona Lisa Craving - Sunny
To Hell & Back - Lilith Saintcrow <- last in the Dante Valentine series!
House of Cards - C.E. Murphy
Real Vampires Live Large
Real Vampires Have Curves
Prince of Wolves - Susan Krinard
Prince of Shadows - Susan Krinard

If anyone has read any of these, can you let me know how they were? or if you could recommend another author... I'm running out of reading material... HELP!