August 7, 2010

Still out in the cold...

Well, it's been over 2 weeks since I took my computer in to the repair guy.  My hard drive was definitely DOA and had to be replaced.  Okay, fine... but they didn't install the drivers properly, so it kept cutting out and was unable to connect to the internet (darn dial-up is all we can get here) and back it went to have them reinstalled.  A few days later, I went into town and picked it up.  Got home, connected everything booted it up and went to get online and ... drumroll please.......nothing!  Everything else was fine, except for no modem dial-tone.  (grrrrrrr!)

So I called them, they said it was an ISP problem - probably, and to contact them.  So I did.  They were extremely helpful, and very nice, but after re-installing a dial-up connection and not having it work, they said to contact the repair place again and actually get them to test the modem after reinstalling the drivers (in front of me) that way everyone would be satisfied that they were working.  But guess what?  They didn't think they could do that. Bugger.

I mean who has a repair business that specialises in computers, but doesn't even check to make sure the repairs work?!  So until I take it back I'm left with my cousins laptop {mentally kissing their feet} so that I can at least access emails and work on my assignments.  Yeah, this was a good time to have my modem throw a mid-life crisis tantrum wasn't it.

On the other front, since I've had NO computer to play with, I've been getting a lot more reading done.  A good chunk is for my next two units, but I have managed to read the latest Kylie Chan book, Hell to Heaven.  It was fantastic!  I love the mixing of contemporary Hong Kong with ancient gods and demons.  If you haven't read it I would definitely recommend this for people who like a little twist with their paranormal story.  This is the 2nd book of the 2nd trilogy.  Hopefully the 3rd book will be out late December, early Jan 2011.