July 1, 2014

Did I mention it's cold?

Hi there, my lovelies. I may have metioned it a time or two over the last few days, that it's getting cold.  Today I really mean it... I'M COLD!  As I sit here typing, I have a hot water bottle snuggly sitting on my lap, some woolly wrist warmers keeping my wrist warm (obviously), layered long sleeve shirts, a beanie, track pants (uh, sweat pants in America?) and warm woolly socks with Ugg boots on.  If I could, I'd be rugged up in my thick blanket as well.

There's a hot water bottle underneath all the blankets as well!
Last night I took a photo of my cat snuggling up to my hot water bottle - she also snuck under the blankets some time during the night! - just to show you I'm not kidding.  And to add insult to injury, it's toasty warm outside in the sun.  (Whoever designed these units needed to run his designs by his mum to make sure it would work in 'real life' and not just on the page as the living rooms share the internal wall!)  Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy a hot lunch and try to find a sunny spot to read.  Fingers crossed I thaw out soon ;-D

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