July 1, 2014

Found Book Three!

Yesterday I hit the local shopping centre to try and find the first book in K.J. Taylor's Fallen Moon Trilogy - The Dark Griffin.  I love the artwork on the covers, but unfortunately Book Depository only has the new covers available (boring).  So when I found book 3 in the cheap bin at my local Collins Bookstore I was thrilled {yiippppeeee!} so I asked the lady behind the counter if they had seen book 1.  Sadly they hadn't gotten a copy of Dark Griffin in the palette load, but she'd check the computer to see if it was still available.  Great!  So as I waited I browsed the shelves.  Turns out that I could get my hands on a copy... for the full price of $22.95!  WTF?!

Seriously, why are books in Australia so bloody expensive when compared to America and England?  No wonder most people are buying their books online from overseas retailers, because even with P&H (or if it's free) you pay less than half the price as you would in Australia! {sorry, rant over ;-D } So after that price shock, I'm going to spend today combing the online retailers looking for a better deal.  I need to go make a strong cup of tea just thinking about it.

PS - just before posting this I was searching for Dark Griffin and happened to check Fishpond.  Couldn't believe the price they wanted originally for the paperback.  I nearly fainted!

 now I really need a drink ;-D

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