July 13, 2014

Reading list is in

Just wanted to quickly post the list of books chosen for my book club's July reading list.  It was a tough choice, but we decided on three new books by authors none of us had read - which was a miracle in itself! - so we'll all be on even footing this time.

Can't wait to get The Woodcutter.  I love to read the way people adapt fairytales, and this sounds so interesting.  Demon Hunting in Dixie was on my list until it got cut (I had too many), so I'm glad it popped up.  Finally What's a Witch to Do? - this is another book that I've looked at periodically - but never bought.  I think this should be a good cross-section of reading.  It's been absolutely freezing here the last couple of days - and nights! - that having a couple of books to read while nesting on the couch in a blanket is a good excuse to stay inside.


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