July 16, 2014

Visions in Silver blurb out!

amazing cover!  can't wait to get my hands on it ;-D

Just found the blurb for the upcoming book in The Others series by Anne Bishop.  This is a fabulous series - full of shape-shifters, seers and elementals - and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.  Visions in Silver, due out 03 March 2015, is the third book in what will hopefully be a series {and not a trilogy!} that follows the struggle of Meg Corbyn, a blood prophet - who has escaped her captors and is trying to make her way in the world - and her often turbulent relationship with Simon Wolfguard.  Althought this series seems to have been slotted into the Young Adult genre, it is a fabulous series no matter what your age.  If you love the Anne Bishop's Black Jewel series, then you'll love The Others too.  So to whet your appetite, here is the blurb...

If you've been reading The Others {starting with Written in Red, then followed by Murder of Crows} then you'll be as eager as I am to find out what happens in Simon and Meg's relationship.  I can't go into it more without giving away some major spoilers, but after the way Murder of Crows ended I foresee stormy weather ahead for our prophet and her wolf ;-D


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