February 27, 2015

Childhood scary movie remade

OMG!  They've remade the movie that scared the pants off me as a child!  I stayed over at my older cousin's house when I was 8 or so.  Poltergeist had just come out on VHS, so she rented it.  I remember watching parts of it from behind the sofa, cushion, and my hands.  It gave me the willies for years as my childhood bedroom had a built-in closet opposite my bed, and I also had an old clown doll (that my mother had given to her years and years ago) that used to sit on the bed.  After I came home - totally freaked out by the way - I couldn't sleep in my room until I shoved an old bit of dowling through the handles of the built-in closet.... with the clown doll inside!

This will just terrify/traumatise a new generation of children.  But I have to admit, I'll most likely watch it as I love a good spooky movie - and the special effects look amazing.  Am I nuts or what?

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