August 15, 2010

Going Potty

Had a great time yesterday scoping out the plants at our local Bunnings Warehouse.  Found the most gorgeous Camellia (R.L Wheeler) that had a single flower the size of a bread and butter plate!  It was a dark pinky red, and blew my mother away.  She desperately wanted one, but with all her other plants, she couldn't afford it then and there.  I think I'll be sneaking back to Bunnings later to get it for her.... aren't I a good daughter :P

All I managed to buy was potting mix, and more potting mix.  Mostly to repot my ferns, but my new roses were in want of bigger pots.  So I spent about 2 hours yesterday mixing potting mix, sand, and other stuff to get the right type of consistency.  We get a huge amount of rain here at times and just plain potting mixture can kill off my ferns quite easily.  I find that cutting it with just plain old white sand helps immensely.  So now all my leafy babies are snug in their new beds, and have been rearranged to get the maximum sunlight available in the courtyard.

Then I chatted with my mum while she was re-potting some of her African Violets and other cuttings she's got growing.  We were interrupted when her chocolate Burmese decided to help.  I couldn't help it, I had to run in and get the camera.  He decided his contribution would be to quality control officer for the potting mix.  He's such a dag!

On a happy note - I finally got my computer back yesterday from the repair guy.  I nearly had 2 fits this morning when I went to get online because it didn't even register that I had a modem!  After much searching and frustration, I seem to have stumbled upon the device.  I was actually able to get online using this computer for the first time in a month!  Thank God!  Maybe now I can get some studying done... but am seriously considering a laptop with wi-fi for study use.

So I will say goodbye for now.  Much to do.  Still more re-potting to do this afternoon.  Wish me luck

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